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This item is already sold.

Article number: 70026

Technical specifications

Year of manufacture1996
Double-sided processingYes
Sanding width mm1100
Sanding aggregates total6
Sanding rollers4
Steel rollerYes
Vacuum tableYes
Sanding belt length mm1900

Further technical details

Workpiece thickness min mm3
Passage height max mm120
Sanding belts bottom3
Sanding pads total2
Cleaning brushYes
Main motor power kW25
Feedrate max m/min9
Continuously variable feedYes
Configuration of aggregatesbr-br-bp-r-r-p-u
Weight kg8030
AvailabilityWarehouse D-01665 Klipphausen
Operating statusdismantled/ stored


* Vakuum nur untenschleifende Maschine
* Vakuumtisch-Vorbereitung der oben schleifenden Maschine
(Teppich ist ungelocht)
* Walzen jeweils 25 KW / 4x Stahlwalze, Schuh jeweils 15 KW
* Vorschub hydraulisch, ohne Rollenbahnen

=== English ===
* Vakuum only button machine
* Vakuum table from top machine prepared (belt without holes)
* Roler each 25 KW, pads each 15 KW
* Hydraulic feed, without roller table