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Jobs & Careers
No, we cannot guarantee that everything will always be going uphill for us.
However, we are happy to demonstrate that it is also possible to be innovative in the used machinery sector and thus actively shape the future through our companies history . But that's not all: Thanks to the wealth of ideas, the innovative power and the tireless efforts of many creative minds in the company, we are full of visions and exciting projects that point far into the future. We invite you to help shape the future of Höchsmann GmbH with your gifts and talents.
In addition to great plans and visions, a significant role is played by how the company is seen and evaluated by independent bodies, authorities and suppliers.
Our solid business performance in recent years is reflected in Creditreform's current credit rating.
The trade with used machines is a sustainable and value-preserving business. This economic sector is not geared to generating new products by consuming more and more resources. On the contrary: Our business is about conserving resources by multiple use and maintaining value through repair.
In addition, we are also involved in the wood technology sector with the wonderful, renewable material wood. Which material has even more future potential?

Our potential grows with the qualifications of our employees, to whom we offer many opportunities to expand their knowledge:

  • We maintain open knowledge systems that invite active participation.

  • We have competent contacts in all areas who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

  • There are many possibilities for individual instruction, training and promotion of knowledge development.

We are therefore a company with future prospects, which is looking for employees who are full of drive and unusual talents and who will work with us to further develop the company - and thus to shape the future. We are looking for creative lateral thinkers, fiery aces as well as relaxed problem-solvers to master the diverse requirements of our international business in the future.
Contact person
Susanne Fiedler

Telefon:+49 35204 651-13