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Jobs & Careers
Free apprenticeship places
Learning is investing in the future - whether in the context of an internship, an apprenticeship or in the work process. For many years we have been training young people in both commercial and technical jobs. Many of them have found their permanent place with us after their training and thus contribute to the long-term success of the company.

We recommend pupils and their parents to participate in the 'Woche der offenen Unternehmen' (week of open companies) to gain an overview of the training opportunities in the region as part of their career orientation. If the conditions are right, we accompany pupils through individual days of getting to know each other and internships up to vocational training and gladly beyond.

We train in particular in the following fields:

  • Computer science
  • Wholesale and Foreign sale
  • Mechatronics

Interested? Here are our current vacant training positions:

Job titleDepartmentLocation
No vacancies at the moment
Contact person
Susanne Fiedler

Telefon:+49 35204 651-13