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Sold machines

Manufacturer Machinetype/ Type Year of manufacture  
BRANDT Edgebander KD 78 CF 2002 continue
BIESSE CNC machining centre ROVER 27 2000 continue
LINDE Forklift truck E 40 2012 continue
SCHÖBERL Laminating Press 1992 continue
HAMMER Sliding table saw K3 Perform/05 2008 continue
HUNDEGGER Joinery machine K 2 A 2000 continue
Moulding sanding machine 1960 continue
SCM CNC machining centre TECH Z 2 C31 2012 continue
Roller table Set continue
Accessories AUTERA G-FIX continue
Tool set Set continue
Transportation cart Set (8) continue
RUCHSER Transportation cart Set (8) continue
FESTO Tenoning machine ZA 101 continue
IMA CNC machining centre BIMA 410/V /D 160/500 2009 continue
Stroke Sander Adolf Fritz BSB/M 1977 continue
BIESSE CNC machining centre ROVER 27 2001 continue
GRIGGIO Sliding table saw SC 3200 2000 continue
GRIGGIO Combined surface/ thickness planing machine FSA 530 2000 continue
GRIGGIO Spindle moulder T 220 1999 continue
SCM Beamsaw SIGMA PRIMA N 2007 continue
SCM Edgebander OLIMPIC K 208 ERT-L 2003 continue
SCM Beamsaw SIGMA IMPACT-C 105 2005 continue
WEEKE CNC machining centre VENTURE 6 L 2004 continue
MORBIDELLI CNC machining centre AUTHOR X 5 55 2007 continue
SCM Wide belt sander SANDYA 20 M3 135 2000 continue
Power tool Set continue
AWUKO Abrasive + NASTROFLEX Set continue
Tool set Set continue
LEITZ Tool set for window production HM-PROFILCUT IV 69 2004 continue
LEITZ Tool set Set continue
MION & MOSOLE Fan B 1992 continue
MANNI Veneer press continue
SCM Wide belt sander SANDYA 10S M2 110 2000 continue
Rack continue
MASTERWOOD CNC machining centre PROJECT 400 L 2008 continue
HOLZ-HER Edgebander STREAMER 1054 2012 continue
ELUMATEC Double mitre Saw DG 104 /01 2002 continue
SCM Angular window machining centre WINDOR 50 1996 continue
CENTAURO Rip saw SRM 5000 continue
POR Briquetting press JUNIOR 2003 continue
ITALPRESSE Frame clamp PROGRAM 30 1995 continue
HOLZMA Beamsaw HKL 11 /43/22 2003 continue
VITAP Contour edgebander ECLIPSE 2014 continue
SCM Edgebander OLIMPIC K 260 EVO 2013 continue
SCM Edgebander OLIMPIC K 260 EVO 2012 continue
SCM Moulder SUPERSET 23 1992 continue
POLZER Ceiling conveyor with hooks 1991 continue
RUCHSER Work table SW 2-90° 1998 continue
RUCHSER Transportation cart RU KW Set (13) 1998 continue