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Horizontal beamsaws are designed for the precised cutting of woodbased panel materials as well as plastics, plaster- and fiber boards, insulation materials, nonferrous metals; even steel. This type of machine is able to cut very precisly as well as very efficiently with high output. The workpieces can be cut either individually as single sheets or as so called books of panels (several sheets on top of each other). The workpieces are moved horizontally through the machine and seperated by cut-to-size optimization programes.

General construction

Within the machine body there is a moveable sawing aggregate, which should be guided with maximal precision and minimal vibration. The cutting length depends on the format of the material. The standard cutting length for saws with only one cutting line is 3.200mm to 5.800mm. A significant increase in output is achieved with for example separate program fences or with a combination of two machines, which stand in a 90° angle to an angle plant. The first machine of an angle plant (longitudinal splitting, longitudinal machine) separates the raw panel into strips; the second machine (cross-cut saw) seperates the strips into short pieces.

Machines with one cutting line will perform these two operations one after another. In most cases the machine operator will turn the panel by hand on so called flotation tables. In some cases the machines are equipped with an automatic rotary table, which takes the workpiece, turns it and refeeds it into the cutting line. The sawing aggregate (saw carriage) is considered as the centre of every beamsaw; it consists of at least one main and one scoring saw aggregate. In addition to that there are accessories available for the milling and positioning of the workpieces - for example Holzma central side aligner. The infeeding of the panels is done either from the front (the side of the operator), from the side or from the rear. Automatic loading and destacking can be done in several ways, from purely manual to fully automatic. The transport within the machine is achieved by the program fence, which takes the workpieces with collets and positions them acuratelly.

Machines for the processing of plastics, nonferrous metals and building materials are distingued from "wood machines" through:

  • Cutting and feeding speed
  • Narrower cutting air gap, narrower pressure beam
  • Specialized gear
  • No table grooves
  • Spraying unit for release agents
  • Devices for scrape-cuts (Schelling)

Compared to other panel sizing machines (sliding table saws, vertical panel saws) beamsaws demand much more space.

The manufacturers use different terms:

Important terminologies in the industry:

  • lying panel saw
  • horizontal panel saw

Plant types

Optional equipment

Alignment laser

The alignment laser serves for the exact positioning of the workpiece according to sight or to score line. The projected line of the laser shows the cut line of the sawing aggregate.

important terms in the field of panel sizing

Images and Videos

FIMAL, 2016
FWM 330
Frontansicht Plattensäge HPL 380
Schnittdiagramm, Etikettendrucker
Programmschieber fh6
Laserrichtlicht (Plattensäge)
Sektor 470
SELCO, 2011
Sigma Impact P
SCM, 2012
SCM, 2019
SAWTEQ B-300, B-400 FLEXTEC + Store
HOMAG, 2019
SAWTEQ B-300 mit Hubtisch
HOMAG, 2018

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