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Sanding automates, which especially allow working with the cross sanding method by combining cross sanding unit, lengthwise sanding aggregate and calibrating aggregate. Here, the modular system, where cross- and lengthwise sanding aggregate can be combined and exchanged arbitrarily, plays an important role. This also allows for a later adaption of the series of aggregates. All machines are equipped with the CSD-sanding system.

The automates perform a tolerance compensation of up to a minimum of 2 mm on their own and have got a fixed working height and an integrated sanding program for frames. The sanding belt speeds are continuously variable adjustable and the acceleration of the machine is automatically controlled. Depending on the workpiece speed, the upper part of the machine can be centrally adjusted in height. The equipment also includes a screen terminal and a fine tracing of the workpieces, which allows for a free and multi-track automatic loading by the automatic use of a pressure beam.

Machine types

  • LSM 4: working width 1,300 mm; feed roller 4 up to 25 m/min
  • LSM 6: working width 1,300 mm; feed roller 5 up to 25 m/min
  • LSM 8: ** Poly-V-belt driving technology on the sanding aggregates
  • Equipment with oscillating sanding aggregate OSR
  • The modular system allows for up to six aggregates
  • Working width 1,400 mm; feed rate up to 80 m/min

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Wide belt sander