Universal milling aggregate

Designation for a groove milling aggregate in edgebanders from the manufacturer Brandt.

Suitable only for the milling of grooves and rabbets into the workpiece's bottom. By means of a pneumatic cylinder the workpiece is brought into the right position with the help of the machine control. By use of adjustment screws and revolver-stops it is possible to pre-set four groove positions, which can be chosen easily if required. The groove depth can be adjusted exactly via mechanic digital counter.

Technical characteristics

Motor power : 1,85 kW
Motor frequency : 200 Hz
Motor speed : 12.000 rpm
Groove width : 4 up to 10 mm
Groove depth : 10 mm
Tool : HM-groove milling unit 80x4x16 mm; Z = 12


Nutfräsaggregat NF 3400
BRANDT, 2007