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Sound Values Lead to Economic Stability
In a business world with rapidly changing values, where success only seems to be a result of striving for power and profit, we build our work on a solid, long-term value foundation. Our company philosophy “Sound Values Lead to Economic Stability” forms the ethical and moral framework in which we are moving in our strive for economical success.
Our values and ground principles


  • treats others as oneself and does not exploit others needs
  • takes a stand against injustice and makes an effort to be objective before judging wrongly
  • offers help and support for the disadvantaged, isolated and needy


  • strives for common calmness through well-planned, level-headed and coordinated action
  • makes decisions according to the long-term usefulness of a matter
  • is predictable because of being reliable, punctual and quality-conscious


  • obeys the law and actively stands up against untruthfulness
  • tells the truth without exception, by spoken word or in written form
  • sticks to the truth even if it causes a personal disadvantage


  • strives for short, logical and orderly structures
  • concentrates on and sticks to what is necessary
  • works through tasks according to their priority


  • approaches other people in a friendly manner, wishing the best for those who are different-minded
  • does not hurt others or show them up, but grants them success
  • invests in a good working atmosphere and in colleagues


  • determined pursuit of one’s vision and what is important
  • recognizes what kind of action must be taken – thorough, quick, rigid or flexible
  • fights wastefulness and uses resources in a conservative manner


  • supports colleagues, superiors and the company culture
  • judges problems from the company point of view, not just a personal point of view
  • gives criticism carefully, complaisantly, constructively and openly to the person concerned


  • strives for knowledge expansion and knowledge transfer
  • admits gaps in one’s knowledge, is teachable and has a learning ability
  • defines one’s position in a convincing manner


  • does not strive to be the centre of attention but considers the common welfare first
  • thinks too little rather than too much of oneself
  • is more concerned about convenience and usefulness than status and prestige


  • questions traditional methods, looks for optimization and finds innovations
  • captures new territories and leaves behind free space and tasks for others
  • is willing and able to be flexible and react quickly


  • protects the health of others and promotes concentration at work
  • considers people to be more important than projects and goals
  • refrains from being offensive and keeps in line with socially accepted behavior


  • can work passionately on a job and consequently turn other jobs downn
  • works with dedication towards mutual success and celebrates it
  • contributes enthusiastically to the company’s good reputation and success